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2 Hours Late on Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Due to the weather forecast, Lake City Schools will be starting 2-Hours Late on Tuesday, February 20, 2018. There will be no AM Pre-school. Tiger Time will be open from 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM.

Spring 2018 Online Activities/Athletic Registration
Parents are highly encouraged to follow this process online. If parents choose come to the Activities Office to register their child, a laptop or computer will be available for registration. Fees can also be paid online.  If you prefer to pay by check (written to ISD 813) or cash can be dropped off at the Activities Office.




The PLAN is a practice test for the ACT, which also provides information to assist students in their career and college planning.  It is given in October to sophomores.  The results are added to student transcripts.




PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test)

The PSAT is the Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test.  It is given only once a year in October. Juniors can register in Guidance to take the PSAT.  It is a shortened version of the SAT, so it is a good practice for the SAT test.  Students can register for this test by signing up in the Guidance Office in late September.  It is also the qualifying test in grade 11 for the National Merit Scholarship Competition. 



ACT (American College Testing Program)

These are four, 35-60 minute tests in academic areas of English, mathematics, reading and science reasoning.  In the past, colleges in the Midwest, West and South have commonly preferred this test.  Now most schools will accept either ACT or SAT I.  Students receive four separate scores plus a composite score. Registration packets are available in Counseling Office.  Allow at least 45 minutes to complete the registration form.  Online registration is available at:  Counselors are recommending that students take the additional Writing test for an additional $15.




This 3.5 hour test, administered by the College Board, measures verbal, mathematical reasoning, and writing abilities.  The SAT I is given six times throughout the year.  Although historically this test was preferred by institutions in the Eastern states and California, most institutions now accept either the SAT I or the ACT. Registration packets are available in the Counseling Office.  Online registration is available at:




These are one-hour tests measuring knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge in specific subject areas.  Students may register for up to three tests on one date.  Some highly selective four-year colleges require three SAT II tests, one of which is English Composition.  The SAT II's are usually offered on the same days as the SAT I, but there are exceptions - check carefully.  Tests are given in American history, European history, biology, chemistry, English composition, literature, mathematics level I, mathematics level II, physics, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Latin and Spanish.  You should take a specific SAT II as soon after completing the course as is possible.



AP (Advanced Placement Tests)

These are three-hour high school examinations based on college level courses.  AP exams are given once a year in May.  The scores are primarily used for college placement, credit or advanced standing. Sign-ups and payment for AP exams takes place during March in Guidance. Information on the test schedule/costs is provided in AP classes.




If you are planning to go to a four-year college, you should take the ACT and/or the SAT I at least once in the spring of your junior year.  Some students find that they score better on one type of test than the other.  You can select which ACT results you send to colleges, but all SAT results are sent when requesting a score report. Some highly selective colleges specify the SAT II and strongly encourage SAT I.  If you are not sure, talk with your counselor about which tests you should be taking and when to take them.




Registration forms, including important information about preparing for standardized tests, may be obtained in the Guidance Office. Online registration is available at the sites listed previously. Unless otherwise noted, SAT I and SAT II are given at the same time on each of the test dates.  You cannot take both on the same day.  You can take up to three SAT II tests on the same date. See your counselor to make arrangements for untimed testing, if you qualify.




LAKE CITY High School:  241-305

*  Test center codes are included in your SAT & ACT registration packets.

*  College codes are included in your SAT & ACT registration packets. 




Some colleges and universities (mostly out-of-state) require that the testing companies send scores directly to them.  Score Report Forms are available in the packet that comes with your score report and online.




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