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Lake City Public Schools
1:1 iPad Pilot Policies & Student Handbook
Student and Parent Agreement

Access to the technology in the Lake City School District has been established for educational purposes. The use of the Lake City School District’s electronic technologies is a valued resource to our community. All the electronic technologies must be used in support of the educational program of the District. This access may be revoked at any time for abusive or inappropriate conduct related to the use of electronic technologies.

1. I will take good care of my iPad.
2. I will never leave the iPad unattended.
3. I will never loan out my iPad to other individuals.
4. I will know where my iPad is at all times.
5. I will charge my iPad’s battery as needed.
6. I will keep food and beverages away from my iPad since they may cause damage to the device.
7. I will not disassemble any part of my iPad or attempt any repairs.
8. I will protect my iPad by only carrying it while in the case provided. I will not remove my iPad from the case.
9. I will use my iPad in ways that are appropriate, meet LC School District expectations, and are educational.
10. I will not place decorations (such as stickers, markers, etc.) on the iPad. I will not deface the serial number or
iPad sticker on any iPad.
11. I understand that my iPad is subject to inspection at any time without notice and remains the property of the
Lake City School District.
12. I will follow the policies outlined in the iPad Handbook as well as all of the school policies while at school, as
well as outside the school day.
13. I will file a police report in case of theft, vandalism, and other acts covered by insurance.
14. I will be responsible for all damage or loss caused by my neglect or abuse.
15. I agree to return the iPad with its case, adaptor, and power cord in good working condition.
16. I will inform the Media Center of any theft, vandalism, or damage to my iPad.
17. I will not take pictures, video, and audio recordings of any student or staff member without their written
18. I will not take pictures, video, and audio recordings of any student or staff member at any time in locker
rooms or restrooms.

Failure to comply with the District’s Bullying Prohibition Policy (#576), Electronic Policies Acceptable Use and Safety Policy (#572) , Website Policy (#525), the Student use of Cellular Phones, Digital Image Devices and Other Personal Electronic Devices Policy (#526) or the guidelines stated in this document for care and use of the iPad may result in the loss of privilege to take the iPad home or use the iPad in general.

The iPad is the property of Lake City Public School and as a result, may be seized and reviewed at any time. The student should have NO expectation of privacy of materials found on an iPad.

I have read the policies above as well as the Lake City Public Schools 1:1 iPad Initiative Student Handbook and
Expectations document and understand my responsibilities as a student or parent in the iPad pilot:



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