Lake City Track and Field Handbook

The Lake City Girls Track and Field program will provide participants with the opportunity to develop and improve their physical and mental abilities relating to track and field in a variety of practice and competitive situations. We believe any girl who demonstrates a willingness to learn and improve, who trains and competes with the track and field team, and who follows the MSHSL, Lake City High School, and team regulations will be a successful contributing member of the girls’ track and field team. Each athlete can expect from our coaching staff a commitment to help her achieve top performance and to reach the goals she has set.
I. Team Expectations
All athletes are expected to:
a. Follow the guidelines of the Minnesota State High School League.
b. Practice teamwork, sportsmanship, and discipline.
c. Be a team player-get along with your teammates.
d. Respect the coaches, fellow teammates, parents, the opponents, and officials.
f. Make academic success a first priority.
g. Attend all classes in order to participate in practice and competitions.
h. Arrive to practice on time and prepared to participate.
i. Dress for the weather. Hat and gloves are recommended.
k. Travel to and from the meets with the team.
l. Work hard with a positive attitude to improve skills.
m. Return equipment at the end of the season in good condition.

Coaches are expected to:

A. Be a positive role model.
B. Adjust to personal needs and problems of athletes; be good listeners; give all athletes the opportunity to improve their skills, gain confidence and develop self-esteem.
C. Organize practices and competitive situations that are fun and challenging for the athletes.
D. Encourage good sportsmanship and team unity.
E. Maintain an open line of communication with the athletes and their parents.

II. Practices
1. In order to develop the conditioning skill necessary to reach individual and team goals athletes must attend practice.
2. Practice will begin at 3:30 and end at 5:30. On occasion, field event athletes may practice until 6:00.
3. Athletes are expected to check out with the event coach before leaving practice.
4. If an athlete knows she is going miss a practice, she should notify her coach in writing prior to the absence.
5. Athletes are expected to dress for the weather. Sweat pants, long sleeved shirts, jacket, hats, and mittens are recommended in during the months of March and April.

III. Competitions
At a meet, an athlete may compete in a maximum of four events, only three of which may be running or field. Some meets limit the number of entries in a particular event and that may limit participation for some athletes. Track and field meets typically run three to four hours. Athletes will need to bring a healthy lunch to competitions. Concessions are sold at some of the meets.
All student athletes are to ride school transportation to and from school events unless they have been given approval from the athletic office. Approval is given by Mr. Vaith after he has received both written and verbal communication from a parent/guardian. Mr. Vaith will then contact the coach in the event of a transportation adjustment.

IV. Varsity Letter
Athletes on the varsity roster will earn a varsity letter if they:
1) Follow all MSHSL rules.
2) Comply with the Lincoln High School academic policy.
3) Participate in 99% of the practices and competitions.
4) Participate in the subsection meet.
5) Demonstrate strong team leadership.
6) Any senior who has been out for track and field for three consecutive
7) Any athlete who meets the practice/competition criteria and a varsity goal time/distance.

Varsity Goal Times and Distances
100 Dash-13.3 200 Dash-27.6 400 Dash 61.9 800 Meters 2:29 1600 5:35 3200 12:35
100 Hurdles 17.9 300 Hurdles 49.0 High Jump 4’10 Long Jump 15’
Triple Jump 32’ Shot 29’ 5 Discus 88’

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