Lake City Tennis

A player will not be cut from squad unless grades or training violations require this to be done.

Use of any form of chemicals will be covered by the MSHSL. All paper work, such as, current physical, insurance waiver, MSHSL rules and fee need to be completed before starting practice.

Team members are to inform a member of the tennis coaching staff if you will be absent from match or practice. If no coach is available inform a teammate or call the Activities Office at 345-2850.

Punishment for being absent because of time in detention will be dealt with by the tennis coaching staff.

If you are hurt we try to send you to the Athletic Trainer in school. You will need to be released by the trainer to play or practice again.

Ride the bus to and from tennis matches. This creates team bonding and unity. Riding home with parents will require a signed note stating you will be riding home with mom or dad. No girlfriends, boyfriends, sisters, brother, aunts, uncles, “NO EXCEPTIONS”.

You are responsible for equipment issued to you by the coaching staff. Unreturned equipment will be charged to the player by ISD 813.

Players will be on time for practice and matches. Violations will be dealt with by tennis coaching staff.

Play Offs

The match line-ups will be determined by the coaching staff. To determine these line-ups we will use practice effort attitude and attendance along with play offs when possible.

Tennis Team Information & Rules

Practice begins at 3:45 pm. Players will be on the court and to ready to practice. Practice ends between 5:30 – 5:45 pm.

You must be at practice to play. Religion classes are excused. You have committed to play tennis. You have committed to practice.

We are a team “One For All and All for One”. In years past players have left for home before all matches are done leaving some of the players high and dry. The team will now stay until the conclusion of all matches.

In case of rain we, the coaches, will make every effort to go outside. So come to practice. If it is canceled we will send you home. If we can practice inside we will try but we cannot accommodate great numbers in the gym. There is a safety issue. This issue will very day to day depending on weather conditions.

We are getting paid to put the best – if possible – winning team on the court for each match. If this is not your goal then you are in the wrong place.

We see in this group some possibility, maybe a lot possibility, of being a very fine team to represent Lake City High School in all. But we are definitely behind most of the teams we have to compete against in hitting and playing. So we must have the following in order to catch up.

a. You need to be at practice
b. 100 % effort at all practices
c. Do it our way with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE
d. A group of girls that get along and are “one for all and all for one”

Again if these don’t fit into your personality you are in the wrong place.

Contact Info
Superintendent's Office
(651) 345-2198
300 South Garden Street
Lake City, MN 55041

Lincoln High School
(651) 345-4553

Fax: (651) 345-5894
300 South Garden Street
Lake City, MN 55041

Lincoln Attendance
(651) 345-4472

Bluff View Elementary 
(651) 345-4551
Fax: (651) 345-2781
1156 West Lakewood Ave.
Lake City, MN 55041

Bluff View Attendance 
(651) 345-4528

Activities Director
(651) 345-2850
300 South Garden Street

Community Education 
(651) 345-7170
1156 West Lakewood Ave.