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Who needs to attend the seasonal sports meetings?
Student/Athletes, Parents and Coaches should be in attendance. The sports meetings are held a week or two before the start of the season. All student/athletes in grades 7 to 12 who plan to participate should attend this meeting with their parents. Coaches from the different activities will have team meetings to go through the season schedule, team handbook, practice schedule, player expectations and answer any questions regarding the program.

What paperwork does my child need completed before the start of the sports season?
Student/Athletes must have the following on record in the Activities Office before they are allowed to participate: 1. Athletic Eligibility and Health Questionnaire/Minnesota State High School League Eligibility Statement. (yearly) 2. Sports Qualifying Physical Examination Clearance Form (physicals must be within the last 3 years). 3. Insurance Waiver. (yearly) 4. Participation fees. Cost for 7th and 8th grade is $75, grades 9 thru 12=$95. There is a $340 family maximum.  All paperwork and fees can be completed thru the online registration.

What is the price of admission to events?
Adults $6, Students and Senior Citizens $4. Admission is charged for football, volleyball, soccer, basketball and wrestling.

What is the cost of an activity/season pass?
Adults $60, Students and Senior Citizens $40. Activity/Season Passes will get you into all home activities (football, volleyball, soccer, basketball, wrestling) with the exception of Booster Club sponsored tournaments, sub-section competition and section competition.

How do I get permission to take my child from a school activity in which they participate?
Ideally all student athletes that go to an event with a team on school transportation, come home with the team on school transportation. As a coach it is viewed as an important part of developing the team concept. At times there are circumstances that arise in which a parent needs to take their child from an event and the student does not use school transportation to come home with the team. In this situation we would like a parent to write a note, have the student deliver the note to the Activities Office and have the parent make a phone call to the Activities Office to verify the note. Parents can also email transportation requests to Mr. Vaith. The Activities Office will then contact the coach to make them aware of the situation. If a parent is unable to write a note, make the call or send an email, the student athlete will only be allowed to leave the event with a parent. If this is the case, we ask that a parent personally speak to the coach and write a note at the event.
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