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General Title 1 Info

Title 1 is a supplementary reading and math program in Grades 1 - 6.

The goals are:
*To improve reading and math achievement
*To help develop and improve work habits.

Title 1 helps students succeed in the regular classroom!

How is Title 1 instruction provided?

Title 1 teachers, Sally Bystrom and Tim Anderson work with students individually or in small groups. They may work in the regular classroom or in the Title 1 classroom depending on the needs of the students. All instruction is coordinated with that in the regular classroom.

Who receives Title 1 services?

Classroom teachers make recommendations as to which students they feel would benefit from supplemental instruction based on classroom performance. The results of the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments, NWEA Measures of Academic Progress and STAR Reading are also used to determine eligibility. Parents will be notified when their child is identified. The ideal goal of Title 1 is to identity, remdiate, and phase students out of the prgram.

Parent/Teacher Involvement

Parents are the first and primary teacher of their child. Title 1 staff works in partnership with parents and classroom teachers to promote school success for our students.

There are many opportunties for Bluff View parents to be involved in their child's reading and math development:

*Frequent Parent/Teacher communication
*Parent/Teacher conferences
*Open houses
*Share sheets, assignment notebooks, and library books
*Annual Title 1 Parent Meeting
*Student/Parent/Teacher Compact

Contact Info
Superintendent's Office
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Bluff View Elementary 
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Bluff View Attendance 
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Activities Director
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Community Education 
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